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South Delta Secondary School
750 53rd Street
Delta, BC  V4M 3B7
Phone: 604 943-7407
Website: http://sd.deltasd.bc.ca

DHA divider 5Delta Wild Hockey Academy Goals

To work in harmony with existing school and district goals to provide Hockey Academy students a positive learning environment from which to develop their athletic and academic potential.  Specifically the goals are to:
  • Nurture healthy attitudes and behaviours consistent with academic and athletic success
  • Stress the importance of TEAM and how to be a great teammate
  • Improve the skill level and hockey IQ of every player
  • Enhance functional physical development through the season and emphasize on these areas (post season) during the spring months.
  • Maximize player understanding of team play
  • Provide the student athlete and parent / guardian with evaluations of personal performance
  • Increase students’ awareness of the benefits of nutrition on sport performance

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Delta Wild Teams

The Delta Hockey Academy is built on a fundamental belief in combining scholastic achievement with excellence on the ice.  Providing a platform for the student athlete to succeed with the guidance and support of his/her mentors creates an environment for personal growth and maturation.  This environment encourages and enables a commitment to self-improvement both academically and in sport, skills that are instrumental in building a successful life.

DHA divider 5Bantam  Prep Division

The Bantam Prep team is comprised of highly competitive and skilled 1st and 2nd year Bantam players. The Canadian Sport School Hockey League refers to the Prep division as the top division and has created teams based on similar philosophies in order to promote competitive and challenging competition. Players in their second year of Bantam view this as an opportunity to compare themselves against like abilities in preparation for the WHL draft.  While this is not the focus of the team, it is our responsibility to make sure that each player grows and develops so they are best prepared for the Midget level.

Bantam  Varsity

The Bantam Varsity team is comprised of both 1st and 2nd year players similar to the Prep team. The Varsity division is promoted within the Canadian Sport School Hockey League as development alternative to the Prep division, providing elite competition against similar ability. The Varsity division provides a platform to grow and develop while providing opportunity for players to excel in all areas of their game.

Midget  E15

The Elite 15 team is comprised of first year Midget players with the purpose of developing their skill set with and against other 15 year old players. It was the Canadian Sport School Hockey League’s intension to create a high performance platform for players to perform on and give opportunity to, without the challenges of facing 16, 17 and in some cases 18 yr old players. This development model has proven itself over the years, creating confidence and allowing for both physical and mental maturation to happen in preparation for either the U18 level or in some cases Jr.

Female  Varsity

The Female program is new for this fall, the 2016-2017 season.  Delta will be the 5th team in the league along side Coeur d’ Alene, Banff, OHA and Shawnigan Lake.  The season schedule will consist of CSSHL league games as well as feature tournament events across Canada and USA including Toronto and New York.

Midget Prep

The Midget Prep team is considered the top division in the Canadian Sport School Hockey League, as players 15, 16 & 17 years old compete with hopes of pursuing the next level of hockey. The Midget Prep team is designed to best prepare these players for Jr hockey, through game and practice fundamentals, expectations and developing leadership qualities.