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Registration Process

To confirm your commitment to the Delta Wild Hockey Academy, a number of school and hockey forms must be completed and returned to us to confirm your spot.  After receiving notification that you have been accepted to one of the Delta Wild teams, all forms and the deposit payment must be received within one week of receiving the confirmation letter.  

Delta Wild Hockey Forms

1. Complete the appropriate Delta Wild Male or Female Application Form below and return it along with the deposit. 

DHA Male Registration – Application 2017 DWHG
DHA Female Prep Registration – Application 2017 DWHG
DHA Female Varsity Registration – Application 2017 DWHG

2.  ALL players must complete the 2017-18 Player Movement Form signed SDMHA-fillable

**Note: EVERY YEAR ALL players (including current DHA players) that played in a Pacific Coast Amateur Association prior to attending DHA must have the previous minor hockey association sign the ‘Player’s Present Association’ box at the bottom of the Player Movement Form (unless your prior association was SDMHA).

**Note: If you are unsure if you are from a PCAHA listed association click here PCAHA Contacts for a list of Minor Hockey Associations that are under PCAHA. 

3.  All players that are coming from a minor hockey association OUTSIDE of PCAHA must fill out the PCAHA Player Registration Form and provide a copy of your birth certificate. 

4.  All parents must complete and sign the CSSHL PIPA Form (the Personal Information Protection Act form)

5.  BOTH parents must complete, sign and have witnessed the:
Delta Wild Travel Waiver 2017-18

Please return above hockey forms to Scott May @ scott.may@deltahockeyacademy.com or mail the forms to:
Planet Ice Delta
Attn: Scott May
10388 Nordel Ct.
Delta, B.C. V4G 1J7


DHA divider 5South Delta Secondary School Forms

  1. ALL students NEW to SDSS MUST complete the Student Registration Form 2017-18 (include billet family information if applicable).  Current students do NOT need to fill out the form.
  2. ALL students MUST provide a list of courses that they would like to take as outlined in the Course Planning Book 2018-REVISED .
  3. Complete and return the parent-declaration-revised.

For all students who DO NOT currently attend South Delta Secondary, complete one of the two forms and provide the following:
the non-catchment_form_2017-18 (currently attending a school in Delta) OR;
the non-district_form_2017-18 (currently attending school outside of Delta); AND

  1. copy of birth certificate
  2. copy of proof of citizenship of parents (passport, nexus)
  3. Proof of address or rental agreement (eg. utility bill)
  4. copy of current student report card 

Please return all school forms
 above to crobertson@deltasd.bc.ca or mail the forms to:
South Delta Secondary
Cori Robertson

750 53rd Street
Delta BC  V4M 3B7

Please contact Cori Robertson with any questions regarding school forms or course selection at 604 943-7407.

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