Female Hockey Academy Fees

Deposit for first and last month (2 months) payment payable May 1st, 2018 to Delta Wild  Hockey Group.

Female Varsity
Total: $16,500 + tax
Deposit: $3850
7 Monthly Installments(Sept-Mar):$1925

Female Prep
Total: $18,500 + tax
Deposit: $4317
7 Monthly Installments(Sept-Mar): $2158

Payment Options

  1. Postdated Cheques payable to Delta Wild Hockey Group. 10388 Nordel Court, Delta. B.C. V4G1J7
  2. Credit card payment: All credit card payments are subject to 3% additional charge.

All students with addresses outside of BC are subject to the Out of Province Educational Fee ($8000) payable to Delta School District.

Also included in the fees:

  • Full uniform – helmets, gloves, pant shells
  • Paid professional coaches
  • Transportation, tournaments, hotel costs, meals on the road