The Elite 15 team is comprised of first year Midget players with the purpose of developing their skill set with and against other 15 year old players. It was the Canadian Sport School Hockey League’s intention to create a high performance platform for players to perform on and give opportunity to, without the challenges of facing 16, 17 and in some cases 18 yr old players. This development model has proven itself over the years, creating confidence and allowing¬†both physical and mental maturation to happen in preparation for either the Midget Prep level or in some cases Jr.

Facts About the Program

  • All players are in Grade 10
  • 19 players will be selected
  • Players must attend South Delta Secondary in Tsawwassen full time
  • This is a two block program where students receive credit for Physical Education and attendance is mandatory to all team events
  • All DHA programs are endorsed by B.C.A.H.A and play in the Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL)
  • The E15 team will play in a division with other academy teams from Vancouver Island through Western Canada to Central Canada
  • Teams will play regular season games, 2-3 tournaments, playoffs
  • 50+ game total
  • Home games will be played out of Planet Ice Delta


4Cam NorthardDMarch 15, 2003Langley, B.C.10
8Luke PakulakFJuly 30, 2003Surrey, B.C.10
9TylerHansonFJune 9, 2003Surrey, B.C.10
10NicholasKovacsDApril 20, 2003Delta, B.C.10
11ArmanHosseinpourFMarch 22, 2003Langley, B.C.10
12SamAdrianDFebruary 4, 2003Surrey, B.C.10
13Jack O’BrienDMarch 7, 2003Surrey, B.C.10
14JacksonMarriottFApril 17, 2003Delta, B.C.10
15KaiDaniellsFMarch 7, 2003Surrey, B.C.10
16GeoffJohnsonDMay 4, 2005Surrey, B.C.10
17BrendenPentecostDApril 2, 2003Surrey, B.C.10
18Killian McGregor BennettFApril 5, 2003Langley, B.C.10
19HoldenCardinalFMay 2, 2003Surrey, B.C.10
21Ethan UrquhartFApril 5, 2003Langley, B.C.10
22Connor MerrimanFNovember 21, 2003Surrey, B.C.10
24MarkThurstonFMay 16, 2003Delta, B.C.10
27Carson MerrimanFNovember 21, 2003Surrey, B.C.10
29QuinnMesserFJune 22, 2003Delta, B.C.10
32RoanClarkeGAugust 23, 2003Surrey, B.C.10
60KeeganMaddocksGApril 14, 2003Langley, B.C.10
77Ethan SamsonDAugut 23, 2003Surrey, B.C.10


Rick Lanz

Brent Thurston


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