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Alumni Wall of Excellence

Young Alumni

The following DHA alumni are recent graduates of our program and are either committed to a university/pro team, have just begun playing on their university/pro team, or are high academic achievers focusing on elevating their academic resumes in university. 

Cam Trott, Concordia University

Sean Comrie, Concordia University

Tyler Andrews, UBC Sauder School of Business (Commerce)
Jordan Andrews, UBC Sauder School of Business (Commerce), CPA
Mel Pilchak, University of Guelph academic entrance scholarship
Amy Brucker, University of British Columbia
Kirra Montrose, Trinity Western University
Nicole Soon, Dalhousie University
Jenny Andrash, MacEwan University
Kallie O’Hearn, MacEwan University
Kimmy Davidson, University of Manitoba
Logan Hamilton, SAIT
Cam Hockley, University of Providence Argos
Baie Marcantonio, Ontario Tech
Nick Ardanaz, RPI
Kieran O’Hearn, Yale University
John Evans, RPI
Jack O’Brien, Committed Cornell University
Tait Ross, Committed to Dartmouth College
Christian Fitzgerald, Committed to Minnesota State University
Katie Chan, Cornell University
Hayley Chang, Merrimack College
Grace Elliott, University of British Columbia
Jamie Grinder, Ohio State
Emma Lee, Sault College
Jessi Soon, University of Toronto
Maddy Wiebe, University of British Columbia
Riley Wallack, Committed to Long Island University Brooklyn
Breanne Powell, MacEwan University to Arizona State University
Sydnee Wilson, Syracuse University 
Tristan Craig, Arizona State University
Buddy Johnson, Simon Fraser University
Mathew Ward, Team Canada U18
Melisa Ardanaz, Ontario Tech
Zoe Leas, Oswego State
Braden Blace, Committed to Quinnipiac University 
Roan Clarke, Committed to Dartmouth College
Jaylyn Morris, UBC
Lainey Joyce, St. Francis Xavier
Tate Taylor, Committed to Clarkson University
Luke Pakulak, Committed to Bentley University
Kai Daniells, Committed to Princeton University
Brandon Santa Juana, Committed to Bowling Green State University
Anjali Simms, University of Prince Edward Island
Ella Dunn, Franklin Pierce University
Adrian Stasiniak, Team Slovakia U20
Ty Halaburda, Team Canada U18
Brooke Norkus, MacEwan University 
Sarah Webster, Red Deer Polytechnic
AJ Lacroix, Committed to Michigan State University
Kurtis Smythe, Committed to Mount Royal University
Holly Magnus, Committed to the University of Alberta
Kismet Dogan, Committed to Saint Anselm College
Scarlett Jones, Committed to the University of Toronto
Mikayla Totten, Committed to York University
Ellie Chou, Committed to the University of Ottawa
Karrington Mollin, Committed to MacEwan University
Hayley Lee, Committed to Liberty University 
Gavin Garland, Committed to the University of Nebraska Omaha
Rylan Bonkowski, Committed to Minnesota State University Mankato
Jack Bakker, Committed to Minnesota State University Mankato
London McDavid, Committed to Cornell University
Molly Cole, Committed to University of Minnesota Duluth
Lily Wallsmith, Committed to Sault College
Mateo Mrsic, Committed to Colorado College
Trent Wilson, Robert Morris University