The focus of our clinic is healthcare for high performance. We provide our clients with a team of healthcare practitioners dedicated to integrating the highest standards of physiotherapy, athletic therapy, massage therapy and mental performance. Our goal to guide you through a rapid and thorough recovery and help you return to your peak performance. Our holistic approach is built on a fundamental belief in multiple professionals working together to facilitate the optimal path to recovery, injury prevention and wellness long term. 

The differentiating factor: all student-athletes have access to an athletic therapist or physiotherapist every morning from Monday to Friday. We have two practitioners on staff who will dedicate their time solely to providing support to our student-athletes and flagging issues at the start of the season in order to prevent injuries before they happen.

Concussion baseline test & return-to-play program


Tri-annual functional movement screen program


Athletic Therapist on the team’s bench at every CSSHL game

Weekly injury tracking by academy Athletic Therapist


Injury assessment from academy Physio on Mondays