Program Fees

What do program fees include?

The Delta Hockey Academy offers a full-service program from September through June that covers everything from school fees to hotel costs to meals on the road. Tuition includes the following:

  • Paid professional coaches (7-month in-season league play plus 3-month post-season skill development)
  • Paid strength & conditioning coaches (10-month training program)
  • 3 on-ice 1hr 15min team practices per week (September – March)
  • 1 on-ice 1hr 15min skills practice per week for players (September – June)
  • 1 on-ice 1hr 15min goalie practice per week for goalies (September – March)
  • 5 off-ice 45min – 1hr training sessions per week (September – June)
  • 1 class at the rink everyday instructed by NDSS teachers (September – June)
  • 2 classes at the school everyday instructed by NDSS teachers (September – June)
  • Access to our strength & conditioning app
  • Full hockey uniform including helmets, gloves, socks & pant shells
  • Full training uniform including training shorts, training shirt & hoodie
  • Daily bus transportation from Langley, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, Ladner and Richmond to Planet Ice Delta
  • Daily transportation from Planet Ice Delta to North Delta Secondary
  • Tournament transportation fees (flights and buses)
  • Hotel fees
  • Meals on the road
  • Athletic Therapist at all league games
  • Concussion baseline testing & concussion return-to-play treatments guided by our Head Athletic Therapist
  • Special discounts on Warrior sticks 
  • Special discounts on hockey equipment from Cyclone Taylor Sports
  • 2 team mindfulness sessions per season from Aim Mindfulness Founder Kris Beech
  • Guidance & leadership coaching from our Professional Leadership Coach
  • Opportunity to participate in a second sport at NDSS
  • Participate in the Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL) 

Payment Options

  1. Postdated cheques payable to the Delta Wild Hockey Group at 10388 Nordel Court, Delta, BC V4G1J7
  2. Credit card payment online. Please note all credit card payments are subject to 3.25% additional service charge.
  3. Pre-authorized direct deposit. 
  4. E-Transfer

International Student Fees

Full Academic Year Fees (10 months) payable to the Delta School District:

  • Application Fee (payable with application and non‐refundable) $200
  • Tuition Fee per academic year = 10 months (including medical) $16,250
  • Annual Homestay Placement and Monitoring fee (non‐refundable) $500
  • Homestay Fees payable directly to the host family $10,000 full academic year (10 months)
  • Custodian Fee (if you require Delta School District Custodian) $200
  • Airport Pick‐up and Drop‐off Fee $200


TOTAL PAID TO DELTA HOCKEY ACADEMY: $25,000 (academy tuition)


All prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars.

Out-of-Province Student Fees

Full Academic Year Fees (10 months) payable to the Delta School District

TOTAL: $12,800 

Out-of-Province Student Fees are in addition to the Delta Hockey Academy program fees.