U15 Prep Rosters

U15 Prep Schedule

Game Time HomeHome ScoreAway Away ScoreRink DivisionGame #
Oct 7 2022
Fri, 10:30amDHA Green2Vancouver NE Chiefs0InternationalGallagher1
Fri, 11:00amDHA Black5Vancouver NW Hawks 1AmericanCrossover2
Fri, 1:15pmValley West Giants3Seattle NW Stars1InternationalSmith3
Fri, 1:45pmBWC Academy6Pacific Coast Academy3AmericanGallagher4
Fri, 7:00pmShawnigan8Cariboo Cougars7CanadianStecher5
Fri, 7:15pmVancouver NE Chiefs2Pacific Coast Academy4InternationalGallagher6
Oct 8 2022
Sat, 10:15amDHA Green3BWC Academy1CanadianGallagher7
Sat, 12:30pmCariboo Cougars8Seattle NW Stars1AmericanCrossover8
Sat, 1:00pmDHA Black4Valley West Giants1CanadianSmith9
Sat, 3:15pmVancouver NW Hawks 2Shawnigan7AmericanStecher10
Sat, 5:30pmBWC Academy4Vancouver NE Chiefs2InternationalGallagher11
Sat, 6:00pmPacific Coast Academy0DHA Green7AmericanGallagher12
Sat, 6:15pmSeattle NW Stars0DHA Black8CanadianSmith13
Sat, 8:15pmVancouver NW Hawks 0Cariboo Cougars3InternationalStecher14
Sat, 8:30pmValley West Giants5 (OT)Shawnigan4 (OT)Legends Crossover15
Oct 9 2022
Sun,10:45am7th - Pacific Coast Academy810th - Seattle NW Stars0American16
Sun,12:30pm8th - Vancouver NE Chiefs49th - Vancouver NW Hawks0Canadian17
Sun, 1:30pm1st - DHA Green84th - Shawnigan0American18
Sun, 4:15pm2nd - BWC Academy103rd - DHA Black3American19
Sun, 5:30pm5th - Cariboo Cougars4Lowest 16/17 - Chiefs1International20
Sun, 5:45pm6th - Valley West Giants4 (SO)Highest 16/17 - PCHA3 (SO)Canadian21
Oct 10 2022
Mon, 8:15amB final - Cariboo Cougars1B final - Valley West Giants3Canadian22
Mon,12:00pmA final - DHA Green4A final - BWC Academy2Canadian23

U15 Prep Division Round Robin Standings

TeamGame 1 PointsGame 2 PointsGame 3 PointsTOTAL
DHA Green3339
DHA Black3339
BWC Academy3036
Cariboo Cougars0336
Pacific Coast Academy0303
Seattle NW Stars0000
Valley West Giants3025
Vancouver NE Chiefs0000
Vancouver NW Hawks 0000
  • Regulation Win = 3 points
  • Overtime/Shootout Win = 2 points
  • Overtime/Shootout Loss = 1 point
  • Regulation Loss = 0 points

Tournament Rules

  1. All games are played in accordance to BC Hockey official rules.
  2. A player may be registered and play for only one (1) team during the tournament.
  3. Roster Size: A maximum of nineteen (19) players, including goaltenders can play for each team (U15 Prep Division); this changes for the U18 Prep Division whereby twenty (20) players are permitted according to BC Hockey Rules.
    • Affiliate players must be added prior to games starting and for the purpose of replacing a player for injury or reasons that make the original player unavailable.
    • AP players cannot be used to replace a player serving a suspension or for perceived poor performance by the team management. (Please see the tournament committee at the tournament office for clarification of AP status).
    • Any team found playing an ineligible player (I.E. player name not submitted on the original roster and not an approved affiliate player by the tournament committee) may be immediately disqualified from the tournament.
  4. Jersey Colours:Home teams will wear white while the visitors will wear dark. In the event there is a conflict, the home team will be required to change.
  5. Game Start Times: All teams must be ready to play at the scheduled time, unless deemed otherwise by the tournament officials. Every effort will be made to start games on time and finish within allocated time slot. Tournament officials will determine and communicate the official start and end times to on-ice officials and team managers prior to the game.
  6. Game Format: All games will have three (3) twenty (20) minute stop time periods with a maximum (5) minute warm-up.
  7. Overtime: If the game remains tied after three (3) periods an overtime period will occur. Five (5) minutes of three (3) on three (3). In the event the game is still tied at he conclusion of the five (5) minute overtime period, the game will continue into a shootout.
  8. Shootout Format:
  • Three (3) man shootout after a two (2) minute break.
  • Home team has choice to shoot first or second.
  • Substitutions allowed only due to injury.
  • If the score remains tied after the designated three (3) shooters, the shootout will continue in a sudden death format until the tie is broken.
  • Original shooters may not shoot again until the full roster has been expended
    •  It is the coach’s responsibility to track his/her teams’ shooters.
    • Any player that shoots “out of turn” will be disqualified from the remainder of shoot out and any goals scored from this “out of turn” attempt shall be recorded as no goal.

9. Ice Cleans: Will be conducted at the end of each period – unless the tournament officials rule to postpone a cleaning with the intent to finish a full game within the scheduled time slot.

10. Mercy Rule: All games will be played with the “Mercy Rule” in effect during the third period. When a five (5) goal difference occurs in the third period, the clock will switch from stop time to running time. If the game returns to a four (4) goal deficit – the game will revert to stop time. Penalties incurred during the running time will be: Three (3) minutes for minor infractions; Eight (8) minutes for major infractions and; Fifteen (15) minutes for each misconduct, except for game misconducts.

11. Time Outs: Each team will be awarded only one (1) thirty (30) second time out in each game.

12. Round Robin:

  • Three (3) points for a regulation win
  • Two (2) points for an overtime win (either OT or shootout)
  • One (1) point for an overtime loss (either OT or shootout)
  • Zero (0) points for a loss.

13. Round Robin Tie Breaking:Any ties in the Round Robin will be broken in the following order:

  • Most Wins.
  • Highest point total in games between teams who are tied. Does not apply unless all tied teams have played each other except if one team has played and defeated all the other tied teams – that team will advance.
  • Highest goals for and against differential.
  • Most regulation wins.
  • Coin Toss.

14. Suspensions:  BC Hockey official rules apply. No protests will be entertained. All decisions by the tournament committee are final.

15. Round Robin MVP Selection. For each Round Robin game (Friday and Saturday) the Coaches will select an MVP from their own team. 

16. Playoff Round:

  • Teams are separated into 3 pools – GALLAGHER , STECHER AND SMITH
  • The top 2 teams from the GALLAGHER pool and the next 2 best qualifying teams will play for the A final
  • The remaining 6 teams will play for the B final
  • Game A) 7th place vs 10th place
  • Game B) 8th place vs 9th place
  • Game C) 1st place vs 4th
  • Game D) 2nd place vs 3rd
  • Game E) 5th place vs Lowest A/B
  • Game F) 6th place vs Highest A/B


Tournament Sanction Number: 2022-2023-1452 

U18 Prep & U16 Prep Registration

Warrior Winter Classic Champs 2021

U18 Division: St. George’s School

U16 Division: BWC

U15 Division: DHA Green