The Delta Hockey Academy is built on a fundamental belief in combining scholastic achievement with excellence on the ice. Our goal is to provide a world-class platform for student-athletes to succeed with the guidance of their teachers and coaches while creating an environment for personal growth and self-improvement. Our program works in partnership with North Delta Secondary School and the Delta School District to provide our students with a positive learning environment from which to develop their academic and athletic potential.

Now open! Both a sports med clinic and a high performance fitness centre, we offer our clients a team of healthcare practitioners dedicated to integrating the highest standards of physiotherapy, athletic therapy, massage therapy and mental performance while offering access to our world-class gym and team of elite personal trainers. Designed for everyone from professional athletes to young beginners, it’s our goal to guide you through a rapid recovery and help you return to your peak performance. Our holistic approach is built on a fundamental belief in multiple professionals working together to facilitate the optimal path to recovery, injury prevention and wellness long term.

The Trophy Case