DHA Spring Development Program

This registration page is for Delta Hockey Academy student-athletes interested in attending additional on-ice spring development sessions on Tuesdays & Thursdays from March 29 to June 9 during academy hours. 

The Spring Development Program will include 22 on-ice skill development sessions over 11 weeks (27.5 hours) following a specific development curriculum which will include four areas of focus. Student-athletes that sign up for spring skills will be instructed by the following coaches assigned to each of the four focus areas: 

1. Skating & Edge Work (Kris Beech & Austin Vetterl) – 6 sessions

2. Shooting & Scoring (Tim Preston, Sumeet Wareh & Mike Aviani) – 6 sessions

3. Skills & Situational Training (Kris Beech & Austin Vetterl) – 5 sessions

4. Defensive & Positional Training (Tim Preston, Sumeet Wareh & Mike Aviani) – 5 sessions

Spring ice times on Tuesdays and Thursdays will be scheduled during your regular winter practice slot. Student-athletes that do not opt-in to the spring development program will have additional study time at the rink during their team’s spring skills ice slot. 

Any goalies interested in attending the shooting and skills sessions, please contact brittany.kirby@deltawildhockeygroup.com. Goalies will be able to attend these sessions free of charge. Goalies will not be needed for Skating & Edge Work or Defensive & Positional Training sessions. Goalie-specific training with Lynden Sammartino will be available separately. Registration information for Lynden’s goalie training will be sent to you soon. 


If you are still interested in signing up for spring skills, please email brittany.kirby@deltawildhockeygroup.com with your son or daughter’s name and team. 


Please complete the online payment link below in order to confirm your registration for spring skills.

Cost: $950 plus tax for 22 sessions (27.5 hours of ice)